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Washington state's 2017 Teacher of the Year has the same advice for students as she does for teachers: "Do something hard, on purpose, every single day. " Camille Jones teaches kindergarten through third grade enrichment at Pioneer Elementary in Quincy, Washington, where she tells her students every day they need to have grit, never give up and take on new challenges.

The Core Blog

I collaborate on this blog with the Washington Teacher Advisory Council. See my most recent posts below:

Basic Education: A Change in Perspective


My perspective on the difference between opportunity and achievement.

From Seed to Apple

Inspirational stories and lessons learned from Washington’s 2017 Teachers of the Year. My story, Bloom Where You're Planted, starts on page 23.

Foothills Magazine

Spotlight on teaching in North Central WA and what it means to be Teacher of the Year.  Article on pages 8-11.

Washington Education Association

A multi-page special feature article from the Fall 2016 issue of We2.0 Magazine.

Central Washington University

What it means to be Teacher of the Year, and how CWU helped me get there. 

Seattle Times

An article highlighting the work and process that led to the 2017 Washington State Teacher of the Year award.


What it means to be Teacher of the Year, and how SPU helped me get here. 


STEM Teacher of The Month

Full STEAM Ahead: Quincy Teacher Prepares At-Risk Kids for Prosperous Futures

Washington Education Association

This profile video by WEA shows a day in the life of my classroom & captures my heart for teaching. 

Q13 Fox News

Coverage of the 2017 Teacher of the Year Award at the Seattle EMP

Teacher Tunnel

A conversation about community, why I love running, and the story behind FarmtableTeach.

League of Education Voters

Current and former Regional Teachers of the Year talked about our teaching philosophy, greatest accomplishment in the classroom, and how we would prioritize education spending in Washington state if they were in charge.