Hi there! I'm Camille Jones.
2017 Washington Teacher of the Year. 

Camille Jones, 2017 Washington State Teacher of the Year.

I grew up on an onion farm in Quincy, WA and came back here to "bloom where I was planted". Now I teach K-3 schoolwide enrichment and highly capable at Pioneer Elementary. That's right--schoolwide. We believe every student has hidden abilities that will flourish if given the opportunity and exposure.

My students, besides being rural, are culturally, linguistically, and economically diverse. I guide experiences that expand their world views.  I find and develop their strengths. I challenge the most advanced learners in our school to reach their full potential. And we all develop grit along the way.  

You should also know that I am a Millennial.  I see the world, and my students' futures, through that lens... the transitional times I grew up in. The challenge of starting a career during the Great Recession.

My goal is to help kids catch a vision for a future they want to work hard to reach.  I know that goal is a moving target in today's constantly-changing world. I am always adjusting what I do to better reflect the technologies, challenges, and opportunities of the world outside my classroom.

Right now, that means I spend a lot of time working on:


Creativity, collaboration, communication and critical thinking are foundational skills for students today. They can find all knowledge in a web search; I want to help them use it well!


Science, technology, engineering, art, and math help my students understand how arts and sciences are integrated in the real world. They find new interests that drive their effort at school.

Global Education

Even my youngest students experience working with other kids from around the world.  I want every student to be ready to participate in the global economy and solve global challenges.

Join me here and on Twitter. Let's inspire curiosity, create opportunity, and grow potential, so all kids can shape the future.