When I started to imagine what a K-3 STEAM Schoolwide Enrichment Program could be, I spent a summer scouring the internet for ideas. In the years since, little by little, I've found many resources that I love. I built this page to share my research with you. These materials have inspired my curriculum, classroom management, and philosophy of teaching.

I hope they inspire you, too!

(I am not sponsored by any of these organizations. Just a Fan.)


Science - Technology - Engineering - Arts - Math

STEAM is all about real world learning. I want my students to understand how arts and sciences are integrated in the real world. To get their hands dirty and try, fail, and try again. Through STEAM, they explore a world of learning and possibility. They find new interests that drive their effort at school.

STEAM          21st Century Skills          Global Education          Enrichment/Gifted Ed.          Building Blocks

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Creativity - Collaboration - Communication - Critical Thinking

These skills are as foundational for students today as anything else we teach in school. Today's students can find all the knowledge they'll ever need in a web search; I want to help them use it well!

STEAM          21st Century Skills          Global Education          Enrichment/Gifted Ed.          Building Blocks


Even my youngest students experience working with other kids from around the world.  Whether they choose a life that centers around our small, farming community, or they end up traveling the world for work, I want every student to be ready to participate in the global economy and know they have the power to solve global challenges.  

STEAM          21st Century Skills          Global Education          Enrichment/Gifted Ed.          Building Blocks


I believe in Gifted Education, because I believe every child deserves to learn and grow. However, our American education system isn't very good at understanding the gifts that most children have. That's why I love teaching with The Schoolwide Enrichment Model. I get to seek out the strengths of every single child in our school. By allowing every child to participate in our enrichment program, we find and develop abilities that we might not have noticed otherwise. My students surprise themselves, and me, every single day.

STEAM          21st Century Skills          Global Education          Enrichment/Gifted Ed.          Building Blocks


This section could also be called classroom management, cultural competency, or social and emotional learning supports. This foundation helps me to do the rest of my job well.